single-user license


Joint shape generator
save all your joint shapes in the cloud
License for 1 user
1 year:
2 years:
5 years:

multi-user license

multi-user license - Basic

Joint shape generator
save all your joint shapes in the cloud
unlimited number of users*
Admin-Center for easy administration and adding of new company users*
1 year:
2 years:
5 years:

**All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.

Register for a 30-day free trial subscription:
Test all WeldCAD features for 30 days free of charge - in the tariff "company license - Basic"
Store up to 5 joint forms in the cloud
bring structure to your cloud with up to 5 folders
Create up to 3 company-internal trial users. This way your colleagues can also test WeldCAD.
Generate up to 10 Trial images in the Joint Form Generator
After 30 days your subscription expires automatically - there are no costs for you
Take your time and test WeldCAD in detail

* What do we mean by "unlimited number of users"?

You can add an unlimited number of users via the admin center. The only limitation: all users must be employed in your company. This means that you need an e-mail address of your company. We do not support global e-mail address providers.

The Admin Center is an extended area in the Settings section that allows your WeldCAD Administrator to unlock, block or delete new users for your company. Access to the admin center is granted to the user who buys the corporate license.

Yes, single user licenses can also be purchased by companies.

Yes, you can. Simply contact us for more information.

The enterprise licenses contain the same features as the single user licenses, but they also support managing multiple users. Of course, it is possible to upgrade from the Free Trial license to both a single user license and a corporate user license.

After your Free Trial subscription has expired, you will have access to the same features as unregistered users.

This depends entirely on you. In the settings you can choose between automatic renewal and automatic reminder by e-mail.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. In case of automatic renewal, at least 1 week before the end of the calendar month. Please contact us or deactivate the option: "Automatically renew subscription" in the settings. You will then automatically receive a message when your subscription expires.

As a company located in Europe, we primarily support the EURO as payment currency. To pay with other currencies, please inform yourself about the payment currencies offered by PayPal and possible extra costs directly at PayPal.

If you already have a license for WeldCAD, you are not affected by the switch. You will automatically get a single user license.